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Dale Mattison

Dale Mattison

Dale Mattison is the founder and primary instructor at Pulp City Comedy.


From an early age, Dale was enamored with all things comedy. As the baby in a family of 4 boys, he quickly found that the best way to get attention was to crack a joke - a trait that continued well into his adulthood. 


It wasn’t until college that he learned that he could perform comedy in front of an audience. He wrote and performed sketches and bits with his friends, Justin and Travis on Justin’s “late night” college talk show that aired on local TV. From there, he was hooked. 


By his senior year, Dale took over the sketch comedy show on his college’s TV station PSTV (Plattsburgh State Television) and went on to win “Best Show’ that year at their annual award ceremony.


After college, Dale decided to take his comedy to the next level. He and his girlfriend (now wife), packed up and moved to Chicago where he enrolled at The Second City to study improv. 


While in Chicago, Dale trained at The Second City and I.O. Theater, where he met lifelong friends and performed around the city. 


After graduating from The Second City’s Conservatory program, he moved back to his roots in the northeast to buy a home and start a family. 


Dale currently lives in Glens Falls with his wife, Molly and his two sons, Rex and Rocco


“Glens Falls reminds me a lot of parts of Chicago. GF has a rich history, and is an old industrial town. I think the people are so down-to-earth and have a certain moxie to them. They don’t take themselves too seriously and can be self-deprecating. I found that the people in Chicago were a lot like that. It’s probably why some of the best comedy comes from there! 


This is also why I wanted to start Pulp City Comedy in a place like Glens Falls. Although we get students from all over the place, I love that Pulp City is anchored in downtown Glens Falls at the incredible Wood Theater.”


-Dale Mattison

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